The Best Feeling In The World

 · The 18 Best Feelings in the World 1. Finally releasing your breasts from the shackles of your bra. The single most inaccurate part of Sex and the City is 2. Getting into a freshly made bed. This is likely a joy Millennials will never understand because Millennials hate 3. Stretching. If you Occupation: Features Editor.

 · The love of a parent is unconditional. It is genuine and hopeful, that is the purest form of love and the best feeling in the world. Even as individuals, we are always happy seeing our parents happy for us and seeing as promising great people. The feeling is Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

 ·  · The feeling of love is the very best feeling in the world, even better than sex or ice cream! The Bible states in 1 John that "God is love." When our hearts are open, the love that is God comes into the physical body and fills us with the delicious feelings of joy and peace.

Vote. level 1. loveekrh. · 3m. Being at a concert of your favorite band/artist and realizing they’re real people and you’re really living in this moment rn. Even better if you’re with people you love.

Going to sleep when you're really tired. in a bed with fresh sheets, after a shower. I hope death is like this. You just Drift away effortlessly. When the toilet looks like it's about to overflow, but then it flushes itself. When they close the door to the plane and the rest of your row is empty seats.

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  1.  · Singing in the car with your best friend. Random "I love you" texts from your significant other. When you and your best friend read each other's minds. The feeling after shaving. The first kiss in a relationship. Realizing you have the best friends in the world. When your pet gets excited to see you when you come home. Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

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