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13 Useful Marketing Theories

13 Useful Marketing Theories

Top Tech News has a list of 10 marketing theories that are useful for marketers and businesses. I have added 3 more to make it 13.

1. Value Innovation and The Value Curve
Identify what customers value most and innovate change to provide this value.
2. Porter’s Five Forces of Competition Framework
Understand industry competitiveness and market entry strategy.
3. Market-Oriented Ethnography
Understand consumers by observing their behaviour not by researching their attitudes.
4. Brand Personality Dimensions Framework
Measuring and comparing brand personality.
5. Hierarchy of Effects Models
Understand the various effect of advertising on consumers.
6. Service Mapping
How to improve customer service
7. Brand Relationship Spectrum
How to manage different branding strategies.
8. Change Equation
Changing the internal culture to match the brand promise.
9. Balanced Scorecard
Understand performances of a business by measurements.
10. Doyle’s Five Criteria for Segmentation
Criterias for effective market segmentation.
11. Conjoint Analysis
Understand what attributes or factors are the most important to consumers.
12. Dirichlet
Marketing Benchmarks.
13. Bass Model: Diffusion of Innovations
Forecasting and using it for word of mouth marketing.

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