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Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing: The match to light the fire of W.O.M marketing

What other marketing strategies is capable of building your business, brand and reputation like the spread of fire? Well, we all know it: word of mouth marketing. It used to be the world’s best known marketing secret but not anymore. The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) has found the match that will light the fire that all marketers and businesses would like to have.

The Womma has release a whitepaper call the WOM 101 on the basic of word of mouth marketing that is definitely worth reading:
What is Word of Mouth Marketing
Types of Word of Mouth Marketing
Philosphy of Word of Mouth Marketing
Organic vs. Amplified WOM
Positive Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies
Unethical Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

Also the womma will also hold an event this July 13 on how to measure, track, and quantify the ROI of word of mouth marketing. Wow, interesting, I never know that word of mouth marketing can be quantified. I wish that I can be in this coming event. Anyway, I have add its feed to my RSS reader:>

Its archive also has many other interesting stories and case studies regading word of mouth marketing. It also has links to other blogs about word of mouth marketing.

Other word of mouth marketing information that I found while surfing around:

  • Word of mouth marketing relies on reputation not branding – Brian Carroll’s Blog. Word of mouth is all about our reputation. Our reputation leads others to make conclusions about our brand but our brand doesn’t create our reputation.
  • Generating more leads through word of mouth process – WOMP.
  1. Leverage The Influentials (aka Industry Experts)
  2. Become a Recognized Expert – act like a thought leader.
  3. Be visable. (write, speak, publish, and promote)
  4. Benefit from the Halo Effect. Associate with the big names
  5. Use Customer Reference Selling.
  6. Leverage Your Social Network.

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