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10 Foundations to a Fashionable Wardrobe

As superficial as it sounds, looking your best is very important. Looking polished and put together can help you get a good job and be taken seriously. It can help you in relationships. Basically, while you don’t have to look like a runway model and wear high fashion clothes, there are a few simple basics that should be in every fashionable woman’s closet. These simple pieces can be mixed and matched together and with other things, but these are the foundations to looking stylish and beautiful.

1. Trench Coat

Especially this time of year, a classic trench is a must. It is great because it cinches your waist and makes it appear smaller. It is a very sophisticated look as well. Think “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” You can steal the beautiful Audrey Hepburn’s look and make it your own. Simply choose a color that looks best on you, (I suggest white or black) and pair it with nice pants, a beautiful dress and boots, or a pencil shirt and heels.

These are obviously a very important staple in any wardrobe. If your pants do not fit your properly, they are either going to look sloppy or trashy. Find a pair that fits well in the waist and is looser in the legs. It will make your legs look leaner, not larger.

3. Pencil Skirt

A black pencil skirt is very versatile. It can be conservative for work, but it can also be sexy for a date or a night on the town. For work, pair it with a simple white shirt and a cardigan. Wear closed toe pumps and go make some money. For a night out, dress it with a bright colored tank top or t shirt style. Something in a shiny material is going to stand out and look expensive without spending big bucks. Wear sexier shoes and bolder jewelry. Then go have fun!

4. Professional Suit

A professional work suit is a must for any woman. It is great for job interviews or big presentations. Get something in a neutral color and make sure that the jacket fits perfectly; otherwise the whole look will be off. Try to get a suit with pants and a skirt for a more versatile look. Get print tops to go underneath for some excitement.

5. Heel Boots

These are a must for fall. I would suggest boots that come up to mid calf, because they can be worn with skirts and dresses as well as underneath pants. Black leather always looks classy and stylish, but also try some color as well. Just try not to wear something like purple patent leather. That can send the wrong message. Try boots with a pointed toe. They elongate your leg and look very sexy. Get some boots with subtle embellishments to add more eye catching appeal.

6. LBD

A little black dress is important for any woman’s closet because it can be worn for any occasion. Throw a cardigan and a belt over it; it can be worn to work. Wear sexy shoes and statement jewelry, and it’s great for a date. Pick one that is age appropriate and flatters your figure. This is a timeless look, so it’s hard to go wrong.

7. Sexy Camisole

This would basically be used for layering under sweaters or jackets. Pick an interesting color with lacy details at the top that would be visible through a jacket. This is a pretty simple basic, but it can really pull an outfit together and make it look great.

8. Black pumps

A pair of perfect black pumps can go with any outfit for any occasion. I would suggest simple black leather pointy toe heels, because they look great for work and for a night out. They also look good either under pants or with a skirt or dress.

9. Pashmina in a bold color

For fall, a colorful pashmina under a pea coat or trench coat is a must. They keep you warm without the chunkiness of a large scarf. Plus the colors are always rich and beautiful, and you can still wear them inside after you take your coat off. They are a very versatile and beautiful look for the fall and winter seasons.

10. Eye catching jewelry

Finally, bold jewelry is something that every woman should have. The right accessories can make or break an outfit, and jewelry is a very big accessory. A simple turtleneck can look very stylish and beautiful if paired with a long necklace. Anything that you think looks good is what you should wear. Jewelry is a great way to express more of your personality than your clothes project, so make it count. If big jewelry isn’t your thing, stick to a simple diamond necklace and matching earrings. They are minimal but still very sophisticated.

Most of the clothes listed work best in the fall and winter months, but they are wardrobe staples that shouldn’t be left out of any woman’s closet. Mix and match these pieces and find a look that is entirely your own. Having your own style is a great way to build confidence and have fun.

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