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Long Tail Marketing

Long Tail Marketing What is Long Tail first of all? You can find the definition of Long Tail in my personal blog. How can long tail play within marketing? It really tells us that we must think… Selengkapnya »Long Tail Marketing

Jokes on Marketing

Jokes on Marketing Marketing jokes to lighten up our day (from Lots of Jokes):> For all the ladies who have asked, “What is marketing?”, the following analogies will help clear it up… You see a handsome… Selengkapnya »Jokes on Marketing

Promotions Giveaways

Promotions Giveaways Jennifer Rice in Brand Mantra recently talks about promotional marketing strategy using giveaways: 3 basic giveaway marketing strategies: short-term promotion, long-term product and industry shake-up. Short-term promotion giveaways are what Ben and Jackie call “bite-size chunks.” That’s… Selengkapnya »Promotions Giveaways