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Open and Share

Open and Share In a world today where consumer is king: knowledge-filled consumers and information readily accessible anywhere and anytime. It is important that we need to share our knowledge as well as being open in… Selengkapnya »Open and Share

How Promotions Work

How Promotions Work Empirical generalisations of how promotions work (Blattberg R, Briesch R, and Fox E, 1995) from my advanced market analysis course: Temporary reductions in retail price increase sales substantially Higher market share brands… Selengkapnya »How Promotions Work

Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing Effectiveness Harvard Business Review (subscription req’d) published some eye-opening statistics on the effectiveness of 500 various consumer and B2B marketing programs:   84% resulted in less market share, not more Most customer acquisition efforts did… Selengkapnya »Marketing Effectiveness

How to be creative

How to be creative Excellent posting from Hugh Macleod at Gapingvoid about how to be creative: 1. Ignore everybody. The more original your idea is, the less good advice other people will be able to give you.… Selengkapnya »How to be creative